One of the primary goals of the department of Computer Engineering at the University of Kurdistan is to train specialists in the areas of information management (IM), software manufacturing, software websites design as well as designing in general, computer networks implementation and management for both public and private companies and organizations. The department seeks, moreover, to explore and expand the boundaries of science, and knowledge and technology production in some specific research areas such as image processing, computer networks, social networks and artificial intelligence.
The department of IT and Computer Engineering was established in 1995 in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Kurdistan. Afterwards, the department admitted BSc students in IT Engineering in 2005 and MSc students in artificial intelligence in 2007 and students applied for Software Computer Engineering, as a new major, in 2009.
The following programs are currently offered at the University of Kurdistan:
  • BSc, Computer Software Engineering
  • BSc, Information Technology
  • MSc, Artificial Intelligence
Computer Center
The computer center of the IT and Computer Engineering Department is equipped with the latest versions of specialized computer softwares. The students can use this center to do programing and to have access to Internet. Since students need to do practical work to gain a better understanding of some specialized courses in IT and computer engineering, if necessary, the given courses will be held in the computer center practically.
Network and Software Laboratory
  • Operating System
  • Databases
  • Computer Networks
  • Computer Workshop


  • 20 students for each session
Logical Circuit and Computer Architecture Laboratory
  • Logical Circuits
  • Computer Architecture
  • Electrical Engineering Tests


  • 12 students for each session
Smart Systems Laboratory

Smart Systems Laboratory of the University of Kurdistan was founded in 2012 to pave the way to do researches in the area of smart information systems. The active research areas in the aforementioned laboratory are as follows:

  • Recommender Systems (RS)
  • Machine Learning (ML)
  • Analysis of Large-Scale Smart Information Systems
  • Social Networks Analysis (SNA)
  • Reinforcement Learning (RL)
  • Natural-Language Processing (NLP)
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