The department of Chemical Engineering started its activities in 2008 and it is now offering its courses to something about 200 undergraduate and 36 postgraduate students.
Chemical engineering is about converting raw low-value materials into different valuable products in an industrial scale. Considering the basic principles of Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and Biology (which is recently added to the process) and above all, caring about the economical aspect of the issue, Chemical engineering paves the way to produce any needed facilities and tools for the fore mentioned process of producing various chemical products out of primarily raw materials.
Chemical engineering is indeed one of strategic majors in any country since it has such an important role in the macro production of national wealth through producing valuable products in great numbers. This is one of the main elements of sustainable development in any country, especially in a country such as Iran which is rich regarding various mineral and organic resources.
There is one main difference between Chemical Engineering and Chemistry itself; Chemistry is obsessed with describing the different features of materials in molecular level and identifying beneficial laboratorial combinations while Chemical Engineering is to produce various products in an industrial level. To fulfill such aims, first we need to identify the production process and then, every needed tool must be designed with the greatest accuracy.
Research Fields
  • Electrospinning and producing polymeric nanofibers
  • Producing heterogeneous catalysts
  • Modeling and simulating the composting process
  • Refining domestic and industrial sewage
  • Simulating chemical and biological processes using CFD
  • Modeling chemical processes
  • Supercritical extraction
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
The principal aim of the Faculty of Engineering is to create a friendly and creative learning and research environment that best matches the particular needs of students
At the moment the department of Chemical Engineering has got one research lab, i.e. the Research Lab of Nanofibers, and several other labs related to the theoretical courses.
  • The teaching laboratory of heat transfer
  • The teaching laboratory of single operation (Industrial Chemistry)
  • The teaching laboratory of oil
  • The laboratory of nanofibers
  • The laboratory of single operation
  • The laboratory of fluids mechanics
  • The laboratory of process control
  • The laboratory of heat transfer
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