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University of Kurdistan is a comprehensive and research-based university promoting entrepreneurship, knowledge development, and education excellence. Located in Western Iran, it is one of the most highly regarded universities of the country, which aspires to educate committed and highly competent graduates by developing its collaboration at national and international levels. As the largest and most influential university in Kurdistan Province, the four main missions of the University of Kurdistan are: (1) training well-educated and effective professionals; (2) carrying out research, including basic, applied, and developmental; (3) entrepreneurship; and (4) social responsibility and social impact.

The most important educational programs in this university are increasing graduate and postgraduate opportunities in prioritized scientific areas, enhancing education quality, developing graduates’ professional and employability skills, and expanding applied and interdisciplinary fields of study with an emphasis on strategic planning in higher education and virtual training. Considering that the University of Kurdistan is an international university, we place special emphasis on science diplomacy in the international arena.
In terms of research and technology, the University of Kurdistan, while improving the quality of research and technology, is giving considerable attention to the research standing of the university and its share of scientific research production at national, regional, and international levels and strives to develop academic entrepreneurship and knowledge commercialization.

Investigating the current and future global trends and identifying the strengths and weaknesses of our own community, we strive to maximize our relationship with society and accomplish our social responsibility with the help of our faculty colleagues. In addition, we try to lead the regional policies, including economic, social, cultural, and even political, to gain a better position in all different areas; therefore, we always try to enhance collaboration with industry, society and the government at national and regional levels.

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