The department of Chemistry in the University of Kurdistan began to admit students in 1975. It admitted 30 undergraduate students at the Sanandaj School of Teacher Training, affiliated with Razi University, and continued until 1979.
With the onset of the Cultural Revolution in 1980, the Sanandaj School of Teacher Training was shut down. In 1983, with the reopening of the universities, students from the Sanandaj School of Teacher Training were transferred to Razi University.
The faculty shutdown continued, and its faculty members were mainly attracted to other universities.
In January 1987, the School of Teacher Training resumed its activity with 30 students (with two faculty members as lecturers and one department expert), during which time some courses were taught by the professors of the nearby universities.

In 1991, when the University of Kurdistan separated from Razi University, the department of Chemistry continued to function in the faculty of sciences and attracted new faculty members, all leading into its self-sufficiency. In 1997, in addition to the teacher training students, Pure Chemistry students were also admitted. In 1999, the department of Chemistry received a license for Applied Chemistry and began to admit undergraduate students.
The department also received the license for postgraduate studies in Organic Chemistry and Physical Chemisty in 2000, and admitted 5 M. Sc. students.
In 2005, the department of Chemistry admitted two Ph.D. students in Analytical Chemistry for the first time. In 2013, the first post-doctoral student in Analytical Chemistry was admitted.
At present, the department of Chemistry accepts students and scholars in the following areas:
  • B. Sc.: Pure Chemistry and Applied Chemistry
  • M. Sc.: Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry,  Nanochemistry, and Polymer Chemistry
  • Ph.D.: Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, and Physical Chemistry
  • Postdoctoral: Analytical Chemistry and Physical Chemistry
Admissions in Graduate and Postgraduate Studies
The department of Chemistry admits an average of 60 undergraduate, 60 postgraduate and 10 doctoral students every year.

Faculty of Literature and Science
Faculty of Literature and Science
The Faculty of Science currently has the honor of having seven academic members of staff who hold full professorships, 20 Associate Professors and 40 Assistant Professors
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