The laboratory of Plant Systematics, a newly set up laboratory in the faculty of Sciences, has been trying to create a database of herbs in the region over the past few years by collecting a set of indigenous and non-indigenous plants. At present, the practical courses of Plant Systematics I and II are held in the same place with the Plant Repository (Room 103). It is hoped that in near future, by equipping the Herbarium, the educational section of Plant Systematics will be built in a separate and independent complex from the Herbarium. The laboratory of Plant Biology unit is also available for the students of Biotechnology at the laboratory of Plant Anatomy. The facilities in this laboratory provide the students with useful and interesting observations.
Syllabus for the practical units

Laboratory of Plant Systematics I
•    An introduction to the methods of collecting and drying plants and making an herbarium
•    An introduction to the sources used in classifing plants and the way they are used
•    An introduction to making a plant identification key
•    An introduction to samples of beryophytes
•    An introduction to samples of petridophytes
•    An introduction to samples of perforangas
•    An introduction to samples of chlamydyspores
•    An introduction to samples of coniferophyta
•    An introduction to samples of monocotyledon angiosperms

Laboratory of Plant Systematics II
•    An introduction to families of dicotyledons in apetalous group
•    An introduction to families of dicotyledons in dialypetales group
•    An introduction to families of dicotyledons in gamopetalous group

Laboratory of Plant Biology

•    Identification of tools and materials
•    Methods of preparing plant samples
•    Plant tissue staining
•    Plant cell observation
•    Starch granule observation
•    Studying different samples of plant tissues
•    Studying dissections of plant organs

In line with their educational activities, related research activities are parts of the laboratoris’ program. These activities include:
•    Floristic activities at the provincial level
•    Cytogenetic studies on various plant species
•    The use of DNA Barcoding method in identifying and introducing different plant species
•    Molecular researches for phylogenetic studies at various plant levels
Faculty of Literature and Science
Faculty of Literature and Science
The Faculty of Science currently has the honor of having seven academic members of staff who hold full professorships, 20 Associate Professors and 40 Assistant Professors
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