The Laboratory of Plant Physiology was set up in October 2008. In this laboratory, the courses of the laboratory of Plant Physiology I and II are presented for the undergraduate students of General Biology, and the course of laboratory of Plant Physiology is presented for the undergraduate students of Biotechnology.
Projects designed for the graduate students of Cell and Molecular Sciences in this laboratory are based on various topics of Phytochemistry, which are referred to in detail in plant Biochemistry course.
One of the devices in this laboratory is a 440-liter growth chamber with temperature, humidity, and light control which is used in plant physiology research. Here, three research projects have been implemented with the following titles:  
Title Contractor
Extracting, identifying and investigating the factors affecting color stability of the green skin of Juglans rigi University of Kurdistan (2010)
Growth kinetics and physiological indices in wheat seedling cultivars in Kurdistan province University of Kurdistan (2009)
The pre-treatment effect of stratification and 200mm sodium chloride solution on increasing the resistance of Sardari wheat seedlings to salinity stress conditions University of Kurdistan (2008)
The titles of the ten experiments designed for the course of Plant Physiology Laboratory for the undergraduate students of Biotechnology are as follows:
No. Title
1 Examining some physiological manifestations of plant cells
2 Measuring the osmotic pressure of vacuolar citrate using isotonic culture
3 Osmotic potential measurement using freezing point reduction method (cryometry)
4 Measuring the cation exchange capacity of soil
5 Measuring the concentration of carbohydrates in vegetable dry material
6 Investigating Amylase activity in growing wheat seeds
7 Studying catalase activity in plant samples
8 Studying growth kinetics  and geotropism in wheat seedlings
9 Isolating and measuring photosynthetic pigments in leaves
10 Designing and implementing an experiment  related to plant physiology by each group independently
Faculty of Literature and Science
Faculty of Literature and Science
The Faculty of Science currently has the honor of having seven academic members of staff who hold full professorships, 20 Associate Professors and 40 Assistant Professors
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