Manhas always been utilizing all the intellectual and practical possibilities of the past in order to take micro-organisms to meet human needs and to minimize the level of problems he encounters. The laboratories of Microbiology and Biotechnology at UOK, as newly established laboratories over the past few years, in line with educational and research activities, has been trying to promote education and research in various areas of biotechnology, including microbiology, industrial biotechnology, environmental biotechnology and nanobiotechnology.
Research Section of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology
Today, microbial biotechnology, as a science related to biotechnology, is the solution for many of the basic problems of human societies in various areas, including industry, environment, pharmacy, medicine, agriculture and energy. This new field of science in the current industrial world can play a significant role in our country's ability to move forward and to improve the development process. In this regard, the goals and missions of the Microbiological Laboratories of the faculty of Sciences at UOK, are conducting targeted Biotechnology research into the use of Microorganisms as greenhouse catalysts in the production of high value added medicines and medical products, the removal of toxic pollutants from the environment, and the development of biological methods for producing nanoparticles.
The Educational Section of Microbiology and Biotechnology
Syllabus for the Laboratory of Microbiology I and II Syllabus for Laboratory of Microbial Biotechnology
An introduction to sterilization techniques, microscopic techniques, and preparing microbial culture An introduction to enrichment, screening and optimization methods in fermentation processes
Methods for isolating bacteria from natural materials and providing pure culture Isolating cellulose degrading bacteria and studying them
Investigating the components and structures of bacterial cells by staining methods Isolating Azotobacter from soil and studying it
Principles of bacteria biochemical testing Industrial production of probiotic yogurt
Studying the effects of physical and chemical factors on bacteria Industrial production of vinegar through the microbial bioconversion process
Studying water microbial contamination Industrial production of citric acid
Milk microbial test Application of microbial biotransformation in the production of industrial products  
Isolating and identifying flora germs isolated from the skin and throat  
Identifying and determining human pathogenic bacteria; antibiogram test  
Faculty of Literature and Science
Faculty of Literature and Science
The Faculty of Science currently has the honor of having seven academic members of staff who hold full professorships, 20 Associate Professors and 40 Assistant Professors
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