The laboratory of Animal Physiology was set up by Dr. Shamsedin Ahmadi in 2008. In this laboratory, experiments on practical subjects in the courses of animal physiology I and II for undergraduate students in General Biology will be held in the first and second semesters of the academic year, respectively. Also, the practical course of Animal Physiology for the Biomedical students is held in the second semester of each academic year in the laboratory. Currently, the facilities needed to conduct a variety of experiments in various fields of Physiology are available in this laboratory, which has made the practical courses interesting to the students.
In addition to the educational goals of such laboratories, research goals in the field of neuroscience are also pursued. Dr. Ahmadi's continuous efforts have provided good research facilities for research on behavioral and molecular neuroscience. His research seeks to investigate the analgesic mechanisms, tolerance, anxiety and morphine-built memory on laboratory mice. Research activities at molecular level include examination of gene and protein expression, and at the behavioral level they include various behavioral tests such as Hot Plate, EPM and Passive Avoidance.
The research facilities related to his research area are available at the laboratory of Physiology and Neuroscience, as well as at the central research laboratory of the department of Biological Sciences and Biotechnology.

The titles of the experiments done for each course are listed in the table below.
No. Animal Physiology Experiments I Animal Physiology Experiments II

1 Preparation of human blood smear Anatomy of bone and muscle
2 Examination of hemolysis or fracture of red blood cells Anatomy of respiratory, digestive and urogenital systems
3 Blood circulation in peritoneum of frogs Spirometry (examination of the vital capacity of the lung)
4 Hematocrit determination Spirometry (mandatory vital capacity check)
5 Red and white blood cells count Spirometry (the most voluntary  volume check)
6 The blood group identification and blood and plasma compatibility in blood transfusion check The effect of acidosis and alkalosis on ventilation
7 blood coagulation time and flow time determination The effect of pH amount on pepsin enzyme activity in digestion of proteins
8 Measurement of the sedimentation rate of the RBCs Measurement of blood glucose levels
9 Measurement of the blood pressure using tactile and audible methods Measurement of blood bilirubin
10 Record of the electrical activity of heart with electrocardiogram Measurement of blood urea nitrogen
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