Department of Fisheries at the University of Kurdistan started in 2005. Following the establishment of such laboratories as Aquatic Biology, Aquatic Pathology, Aquatic Biotechnology, and Fish Collections, the department began to admit master students in Aquaculture in 2013.

Research Interests of Faculty Members:
Aquatic Physiology and Genetics
Aquatic Pathology, and Aquatic toxicology
Aquatic Nano-toxicology
Aquatic Reproduction Biology

Laboratory of Aquatic Biology
The Laboratory of Aquatic Biology provides the necessary equipment and space for educational and research activities in the fields of Aquatic Physiology, Biology and Toxicology for both students and faculty members.

Laboratory of Aquatic Biotechnology
Laboratory of Aquatic Biotechnology has been set up to conduct research and educational studies on aquatic genetics and biotechnology.

Laboratory of Aquatic Pathology
The Laboratory of Aquatic Pathology has been equipped to carry out pathological studies, including parasitic and bacterial diseases in aquatic animals.

Aquarium Hall
Utilizing an area of 45 square meters and facilities for raising freshwater aquarium species, the Aquarium Hall of the Department provides the students with research opportunities to conduct research projects.

Fish Collection
The Fish collection of the faculty was built up with the aim of collecting and identifying fish species in Kurdistan Province. There are currently three prevalent types and more than 50 species of fish identified in the region kept in the collection.

Faculty of Natural Resources
Faculty of Natural Resources
The Faculty of Natural Resources focuses on the conservation, protection, rehabilitation, management and enhancement of renewable natural resources
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