The department of Climatology in the faculty of Natural Resources at the University of Kurdistan started its activities in September 2009, offering BSc courses as an independent department in the aforementioned faculty. The department admitted MSc students in Applied Climatology in 2012. According to the Development Plan passed by the department and upon purchasing the necessary laboratory equipment, the department of Climatology has decided to offer another MSc subfield titled Climate Change in 2017.
Furthermore, it is scheduled to start a PhD program in Climatology, Climate Change subfield, in 2018. The department aims at recruiting four faculty members with various expertise in the areas of Climate Change, Weather Hazards, Urban Climatology and Satellite Climatology by 2024. In addition, PhD programs in the mentioned subfields of Climatology will be offered by the time.
At present, the Department of Climatology has three full-time faculty members with doctorate degree who are engaged in educational and research activities in the following areas:
•    Synoptic Climatology
•    Agricultural Climatology
•    Tourism Climatology
•    Climate Change
•    Weather Modelling
•    Architectural Climatology
•    Medical Climatology
•    Dynamic Climatology
Faculty of Natural Resources
Faculty of Natural Resources
The Faculty of Natural Resources focuses on the conservation, protection, rehabilitation, management and enhancement of renewable natural resources
Stations and Laboratories
Weather Station
This station is located in front of the faculty of Natural Resources in the campus of the University. In the given station, there is a variety of automatic meteorological devices to measure the atmospheric parameters including rainfall, temperature, wind direction and velocity, humidity, and radiation. Besides the automatic devices, there are a number of other devices in this station that measure the atmospheric parameters which are read and recorded by the inspector of atmospheric conditions. Weather vanes at two altitudes of 2 and 10 meters, pan evaporation, two Stevenson screens (within which minimum, maximum and average temperature, wet and dry temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure are measured), sunshine recorder, rain gauge, soil thermometers at different depths (10, 20, 30, 50, 70 and 100 cm), and thermometer at the Earth’s surface (5 cm) are among the devices available in this station.
In general, besides the equipment of the university, the department of Meteorology takes advantage of laboratory equipment and facilities in the weather station, the weather workshop, the supercomputer of the department, and the facilities in the laboratory of Meteorology. Accordingly, necessary infrastructures are provided for modelling and conducting research in meteorology.
Activities conducted in this station are as follows:
•    Familiarity with weather instruments
•    Application and usage of these tools and instruments
•    Methods of collecting weather data
•    Methods of processing weather data

Climatology and Weather Workshop
The climate and weather workshop covering an area of 48 m2 is located outside the faculty. In this workshop, there are various tools and instruments to measure atmospheric parameters, including thermometer, psychrometer (humidity meter), barometer, rain gauge and anemometer. In here, the students are taught about using such devices and measuring atmospheric parameters. In addition, atmospheric conditions log books and the method of coding them are among the other activities with which the students get familiar in this workshop.

Meteorology Site
The laboratory of Meteorology, covering an area of 56 m2, is located in the Natural Resources Faculty building. There are 7 computers and supercomputers on which a variety of statistic software are installed; such as ArcGIS, MATLAB, ArcView, Global Mapper, Surfer, SPSS and Minitab. Moreover, some specialized software such as GrADS and RayMan as well as remote sensing (RS) softwares like Envi and Idrisi have been installed. Specialized courses particularly the practical courses of the aforementioned software and programing will be held in this workshop. The supercomputer in this laboratory is fast and strong in processing data and this paves the way to conduct meteorological research and modelling.  

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