Regarding the great enrichment of Kurdish language and literature in its concepts, themes, masterpieces, and outstanding figures, the importance of protecting this national heritage as well as the notable linguistic and literary similarities between Kurdish and Persian, the University of Kurdistan established the Bachelor’s degree in Kurdish Language and Literature for the first time in Iran in 2015.
Besides the professors specialized in Kurdish language and literature, there are professors from other departments such as English, Linguistics, Persian and Arabic departments.
160 students are currently studying in this department
Pareshan Namah by the great Kurdish Poet Mala Pareshan Dinawari, 8thc. AH (document no. Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin_Nr_PPN 781376718)
The below table lists all degree programs offered by the faculty.
Faculty of Literature and Foreign Languages List of Degree Programs
Department Degree Program Program(s)
Arabic Language & Literature Arabic Language & Literature BA/BSc, MA/MSc
English Literature & Linguistics English Language & Literature BA/BSc, MA/MSc
English Language Teaching BA/BSc, MA/MSc
Linguistics MA/MSc
Persian Language & Literature Persian Language & Literature BA/BSc, MA/MSc, PhD
Kurdish Language and Literature Kurdish Language and Literature BA/BSc
Faculty of Literature and Foreign Languages
Faculty of Literature and Foreign Languages
The Faculty of Literature and Foreign Languages currently has 4 departments offering 5 undergraduate programmes, 5 Master’s programmes and 1 PhD programme to over 760 students
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