This field of study includes great and various majors covering every aspect of the social life, that’s why it is considered as one the most favorable for those just entering the university.
The graduates need to be brave, fluent, to the point, logically powerful, and very creative. A successful jurist needs to be well-familiar with sociology, psychology, and philosophy as far as law is a mixture of all. Therefore, the Law students learn about the basic concepts of Islamic jurisprudence, sociology, psychology, financial affairs, forensics, etc.
In the fall of 2007, the university of Kurdistan accepted the very first group of Law students in the Bachelor’s degree (supposed to cover 136 unites in four years of time). Five years later, the first MA students joined the department in Criminal Law and Criminology.
Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences
Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences
 The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences currently has 11 departments that are .involved in teaching and research activities
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