UOK’s department of Counseling (independent from the Psychology department) was established in the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in 2012 and five students applied for the Master’s degree in Family Counseling the same year. In 2015, M.A School Counseling students joined the department as well. Based on the permissions the department has got from the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, it is supposed to admit students in Occupational Counseling and Rehabilitation in near future.
The Bachelor graduates of Counseling can apply for postgraduate studies in any fields of study in the realm of Humanities. If eager to continue the same major, they can apply for the following:
•    Family Counseling,
•    Occupational Counseling,
•    School Counseling,
•    Rehabilitation Counseling, and
•    General Counseling.
A counselor needs to be patient and good at speaking and listening. He can therefore make such a relaxing atmosphere for the client to feel at home and speak about his or her concerns which is indeed the key point in being a successful counselor.
Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences
Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences
 The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences currently has 11 departments that are .involved in teaching and research activities
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