Accounting is responsible for gathering quantitative information about economic units. This gathered information which is financial by nature, must be beneficial in making economical decisions.
Establishment of the Accounting Department at UOK
The very first accounting students of the university applied for the Associate’s degree in 1996 when the department had only two lecturers. In 2010, the Associate’s degree converted into a Bachelor’s degree and two years later, the first MA students applied for accounting at UOK.
Goals of Accounting
As far as the output of this profession becomes a milestone in making economical decisions, the main goal of this field of study is to train expert human resources in gathering, classifying, registering, and summarizing information as well as in preparing financial reports based on the previously set criteria
Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences
Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences
 The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences currently has 11 departments that are .involved in teaching and research activities
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