Industrial Engineering (IE) is concerned with the design of production systems (manufacturing and services). An industrial engineer analyzes and specifies the integrated components of people, machines, materials, production methods and facilities to create effective and efficient systems to produce beneficial goods and services. Industrial engineering is a bridge between institutional goals and operational performance. It is expected to exert leadership in workplace as well as to plan, analyze, design, and implement the broad spectrum of systems bringing value to the organization. They also identify opportunities for improving system productivity, quality, operating costs, and the optimum use of scarce resources.

IE is indeed a distinguished discipline with significant intellectual trainings in using engineering methods as well as the planning and operation methods for creativity and innovation in production systems. Moreover, it provides a route to upper management in organizations.
The IE department of UOK offers distinguished undergraduate and postgraduate programs continuously updated to keep pace with national and international developments. These program curricula are based on four areas of concentrations; Manufacturing Systems Engineering, Industrial Operation Systems Engineering and Logistics, Human Factors Engineering, and Quality, Safety and Maintenance Systems Engineering.
Faculty of Engineering
The principal aim of the Faculty of Engineering is to create a friendly and creative learning and research environment that best matches the particular needs of students
Here is a list of the laboratories and workshops of the department:
  • Welding and Cutting Workshop
  • Machine Tool Workshop
  • CNC Workshop
  • Casting Workshop
  • Quality Control and Instrumentation Laboratory
  • Industrial Drawing Atelier
  • Work and Time Evaluation/Ergonomics Laboratory
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