The Bijar Faculty of Science and Engineering was established in September 2014 and commenced its pedagogical activities in the fields of Computer Science, Physics and Statistics as listed below. As its name indicates, this faculty is located in the city of Bijar, a city in Kudistan Province. 

    Majors and programs offered in the Bijar Faculty of Science & Engineering
    Computer Science
    Bijar Faculty of Science & Engineering
    Bijar Faculty of Science & Engineering
    This city is situated 140 kilometers to the north of Sanandaj

    The City of Bijar

     This city is situated 140 kilometers to the north of Sanandaj, between Sanandaj and Zanjan. Some believe that the word Bijar is originated from the word 'BIDZAR' which means"a place where there are many Willows. Due to its high altitude this city is known as the "roof of Iran". This region is world renowned for its carpets and rugs and many inhabitants earn a living from this industry. Other souvenirs of the province include Euphorbia helioscopia bread and Sohani Halva. Its main agricultural products are wheat and grapes. The most important cultural attractions of the city are as follows:

    The Ancient Castle of Ghamchoghay 

    The ruins of this castle are 45 Kilometers away from Bijar. This castle was built in the 8th and 9th century BC. It is surrounded by deep valleys and overlooks Shahan valley. It is believed that the castle was in use even until the Sassanid and Islamic periods. 

    The Bazaar of Bijar 

    This bazaar is in the center of Bijar. This famous Bazaar (Timcheh), which is named after Haj Shahbaz, is considered to be one of the most beautiful architectural works of the Islamic period in the province. 

    The Bijar Protected Zone

    This environmentally protected zone is located in the northeast of the province covering an area of approximately 23,000 hectares. Very rare animal species can be found in this area. Tourists and lovers of nature are well advised to visit this zone.


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