The Department of Urbanism started its undergraduate program in Urban Engineering in the second semester of the academic year 2006-2007. Starting the master's degree in Urban Planning, since 2009, the department got engaged in training future specialists in urban planning in a wider range of fields.
The department is currently having 4 full time faculty members, a number of associate lecturers and invitees, 120 undergraduate students in urban engineering, and 14 postgraduate students in urban planning.
Near Future Plans
  • Conducting the International Conference on Urban Slums Dwellings
  • Launching the PhD program in Urban Development
  • Launching the Zagros Residential Research Center
  • Becoming the west scientific pole of Urban Planning in the country
Achievements and Activities
  1. Launching the Scientific-Research Journal of Urban Studies in 2011
  2. Holding two international conferences
      • Traditional Zagros Settlements, in cooperation with the INTBAU International Institute, May 2008
      •  Urban Design in Iran: From Theory to Practice, in cooperation with the University of Birmingham, England (Birmingham City University), May 2012
  3. Preparing research projects such as:
      • Rural Housing Pattern Design in Kurdistan Province
      • Villages Tourism Planning in Kurdistan Province
      • Providing City Development Strategy Documents (CDS) for Sanandaj
      • Feasibility Studies of Sanandaj Pedestrian Plan
Faculty of Art & Architecture
The Faculty of Art and Architecture’s current building has been built on 4600 square meters of land
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