Because of the importance of Art, architecture and planning at national and international levels and the rich history of art in western Iran, especially in Kurdistan, the UOK launched programs in the aforementioned fields in the early years of its establishment as a university. The University of Kurdistan commenced offering degree programs in Architecture, Planning and Music in 1999, 2006 and 2016, respectively. These two departments were initially part of the Faculty of Engineering but in 2012, they became part of the newly established Faculty of Art & Architecture. In light of its expansion and development plans, the Faculty of Art and Architecture is in the process of establishing degree programs in Handicraft as well as aiming to offer its existing degree programs at PhD level in near future.

In total, the faculty currently has three departments:

    The Faculty of Art & Architecture has 12 full-time academic staff and numerous part-time staff with a total student population of 302. The staff of the faculty undertake research of the highest quality and the faculty is renowned for its interdisciplinary orientation. The research fulfills the university’s mission to further its impact and national and international ranking by conducting researches that shape the actions of government, industry, and cultural life through practical and action-led modes of research and engagement.

    Research in the faculty is clustered around a number of research themes including architecture, urbanism public sphere, environmental psychology, informal settlements and sustainability. The Urban Studies Journal, an ISC one, was first published in 2010 at the University of Kurdistan with the aim of focusing on the results of scientific research and experiences of cities. The journal welcomes all original submissions that extent our understanding of the urban conditions and the rapid changes taking place in cities in Iran and across the globe, whether from an empirical, theoretical, or a policy perspective. In addition, due to the research background of the Urban Planning Departmental staff, our faculty is pursuing to launch a Center of Excellence in Urban Regeneration and Upgrading by the start of next year. The main goal of this center is to provide the required settings for informal settlements and rundown urban texture studies based on the Urban Regeneration and Upgrading approach.
    The below table lists all degree programs offered by the faculty.
    List of Degree Programs
    Department Degree Programs Program(s)
    Architecture Architecture BA/BSc, MA/MSc
    Urban Planning Urbanism BA/BSc
    Urban Planning MA/MSc
    Urban Design MA/MSc
    Music Performance of Iranian Music BA/BSc
    Faculty of Art & Architecture
    Faculty of Art & Architecture
    The Faculty of Art and Architecture’s current building has been built on 4600 square meters of land
    The Faculty of Art and Architecture’s current building was built on 4600 square meters of land. In addition to its administrative spaces, the faculty members’ and the departmental head's rooms, the present building has 6 design studios and workshops, a computer center, a material and construction workshop, 2 classes for postgraduate students, 4 classes for undergraduate students, a thesis defense hall, one large conference hall and a special exhibition hall. The Faculty building is located on campus with easy access to all University services. The students have access to the building six days a week and can use their dedicated studio spaces at all times with computing facilities. As a part of the wider campus developments, the faculty has undertaken its own development projects over recent years, including site construction and landscaping. Throughout 2016 funds were invested in a new building annexed to the current building that will provide purpose built, expanded workshops and a dedicated fabrication suite. The workshops will have dedicated spaces for the Music Department and the soon to be established Handicrafts Department.
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