B. A. of Architecture
The B. A. course of architecture is a course which focuses on training architects with general and professional abilities in such a way that during the course of the artistic, technical and specialized training, the education is aimed at developing creative talent, the transference of knowledge and general skills of the profession, and acquiring the general abilities in this field.
UOK’s department of Architecture endeavors to demonstrate a general outlook of the field for the new students in their first year of education, and prepares them to enter the following year by enhancing their power of imagination, spatial visualization, and expressive skills - verbal and graphic. From the second year of education onward, the most time is assigned to various architectural design projects, technical studies and workshops, and the other relevant theoretical topics.

Roles and Abilities of the Alumni
Graduated students can have a role in the following areas of the society and the market based on their acquired abilities during the education process:
  • Designing: from single constructions to biological and multi-functional collections – from the initial sketches to the operation stages of the construction - and also designing the composing parts of the construction. This section underlies the architect’s mainstream of responsibilities.
  • Collaborating with the architecture consulting engineers in the development of sketches and preparing architectural maps of levels 1 and 2.
  • Supervising the precision of work in executive construction operations
  • Contributing in the executive management of architectural projects
  • Membership in the technical staff of municipalities or organizations of the kind
  • Teaching in technical and vocational high schools
Course Duration and System Form
The educational system of an architectural bachelor is unit-based and the courses are offered for a period of 17 weeks in each semester. The teaching time of each theoretical course, practical and laboratory, and the workshops are respectively 17, 34, and 51 hours during a semester.
The divisions of the 140 units of a Bachelor of Architectural Engineering degree is as follows:
Courses Number of the units
General 20
Basic 29
Main 60
Specialized 27
Optional 2
Total Units 140
M. A. or Master of Architectural Engineering
Continuing undergraduate degree in Architectural Engineering, which aims at achieving public efficiency in the field, the master's degree in Architecture is planned in a way that allows for a deeper look at the presentation of specialized design trends.
Fulfilling this goal is made possible through an eight-unit selection of the selected specialized courses as well as the flexibility of the program in determining the subject of the researches.
Roles and Abilities
Graduates of this course, can participate in the following areas based on their acquired skills in the training process:
  • Working as the consulting architecture in designing constructions or small biological constructions from the initial sketches to the operation stages of the construction and designing the constructing elements
  • Collaborating with the consulting architecture engineers in designing and developing the sketches and preparing the architectural maps of levels 1 and 2
  • General and great Supervision over the precision of work in executive construction operations
  • Managing and executive arrangement of large-scale projects in the field of their specialization
  • Collaborating in specialized programmers of biological constructions
  • Collaborating and coordinating with all the professionals whose works are related to organizing the living space, such as ecologists, geographers, climate scientists, and economic and social planning
  • Membership in the technical staff of the municipalities and similar organizations and also their level of management and their policy making
  • Teaching in the Bachelor’s Degree of Architecture Engineering
  • High consultation especially in their area of profession
Lessons Number of the units
Basic (compulsory) 8
Specialized (Selective) 8
Designing/sketching Projects 14
Optional Courses 2
Total Units 32
The total number of units in this course is 32 as follows:
The below table lists all degree programs offered by the faculty.
List of Degree Programs
Department Degree Programs Program(s)
Architecture Architecture BA/BSc, MA/MSc
Urban Planning Urbanism BA/BSc
Urban Planning MA/MSc
Urban Design MA/MSc
Music Performance of Iranian Music BA/BSc
Faculty of Art & Architecture
Faculty of Art & Architecture
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