As for the need of Kurdistan province to protect plants against significant damages related to pests and diseases, the department of Plant Pathology was established in 2005 at the Faculty of Agriculture and officially began to admit students in the undergraduate level in Plant Protection under the direct supervision of UOK experts in the field. After two years of recruiting and increasing the number of faculty members specialized in various relevant branches, the department expanded to admit students in the master’s level in Phytopathologyin 2007. In 2009, it was able to admit master's degree students in Agricultural Entomology and Ph.D. candidates in the field of Phytopathology in 2013.
As a result, the Department of Plant Pathology is in practice of educating its students by nine full-time academics in Plant Pathology for the undergraduate and graduate students of Agricultural Entomology and Phytopathology, and for the Ph.D. candidates of Biological Control, Mycology, Plant Diseases, and Prokaryotes.
Plant Pathology Goals
The major objectives of the Department of Plant Pathology, along with emphasizing over environmental protection, is to prevent various diseases and different pests threatening crops, garden plants and forest plants, and also to find suitable solutions for managing such issues in order to further increase the yield and producing the herbal materials. The following are of the most significant goals of the department:
• Identification of various plant pathogenic factors including fungi, bacteria, viruses, viroids and plant pathogens nematodes
• Population genetic study and genetic structure of plant pathogenic factors
• Etiology and epidemiological studies of various plant diseases
• Identification of significant plant pests
• Studying the physiology, ecology, and dynamics of the major plant pests
• Identification of natural enemies and effective biocontrol agents in controlling plant pests and diseases
• Managing pests and plant diseases
Faculty of Agriculture
Faculty of Agriculture
The faculty has 8 departments, offering 12 undergraduate degree programmes and 24 postgraduate degree programmes
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