Initially known as the department of Mechanical Engineering of Agricultural Machinery, the department of Biosystems Engineering started admitting undergraduate students in 2007.In 2012, with the admission of master students, the initial steps were taken for the development of graduate studies and the promotion of research activities of the department. At the same time, as extensive changes were made to the fields related to agricultural machinery, the name of the department changed into Biosystems Engineering in 2013.
Currently, the department of Biosystems Engineering admits bachelor students in Biosystems Mechanical Engineering, and Food Industry Machinery Engineering, and master students in Agricultural Machinery Design, and Post-harvest Technology.
The further development of Biosystems Mechanical Engineering has been in the fields of Renewable Energy, and Agricultural Machinery Design at master and Phd studies, respectively. The establishment of Agricultural Mechanization Engineering at master studies are among the short-term goals of the department.
Faculty of Agriculture
Faculty of Agriculture
The faculty has 8 departments, offering 12 undergraduate degree programmes and 24 postgraduate degree programmes
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