The Department of Agronomy and Plant Breeding was established in 1996 with the aim of training students to be able to work as an expert in different areas of crop production. This department started with students at the technical degree in Plant Production Technology. In 2004 and 2007, BS and MS Agriculture students joined the department, respectively.
In 2008, following its further developments, the department of Agronomy and Plant Breeding admitted postgraduate students in Agricultural Biotechnology and in 2009, the recruitment of students in graduate and postgraduate degrees was stopped and it was replaced by a non-continuous Associate and bachelor's degree in Agronomy and Plant Breeding with the trend of Plant Breeding. In 2012, the department also succeeded in admitting students at an undergraduate degree in Agroecology.
 After developing various fields at the graduate level, the department applied for the admission of Agriculture Ph.D. student in 2012. After admitting undergraduate students in Agricultural Biotechnology in 2015, the department succeeded in admitting students to Ph.D. in Agricultural Biotechnology in 2016.
The department aims at directing researches as well as the graduate theses for solving agricultural issues in the region and country. In this regard, it is supposed to develop its scientific cooperation with the municipality, the Agricultural Research Organization of the province as well as the other universities and research centers over the country.
Dehgolan Research Farm
Dehgolan Educational Research Farm is located 50 km away from Sanandaj, i.e. close to Dehgolan. The farm is covered with irrigation systems and there are plans being developed to restore and strengthen the irrigation system. Part of this farm is dedicated to conducting research projects for the graduate students.
Dushan Research Farm
Dushan Research Farm is a 10-hectar farm located in a 4-km distance from Kurdistan University and it is close to Dushan village. Part of the farm's fields are used to conduct agricultural operations for students, to carry out research projects, as well as to produce major crops such as wheat, alfalfa and forage corn.
Bijar Farm
The farm contains about 200 hectares of rainfed land, which is mainly dedicated to cultivating rainfed wheat.
Agricultural Lands
1 Dushan 12 hectares Dushan Village, 3 Km from Sanandaj
2 Saraab 60 hectares Saraab Village, Sanandaj Dehgolan Route, 40 km from Sanandaj
3 Bijar 120 hectares 3 kilometers from Sanandaj, Sanandaj Bijar road
Faculty of Agriculture
Faculty of Agriculture
The faculty has 8 departments, offering 12 undergraduate degree programmes and 24 postgraduate degree programmes
Plant Physiology Lab
Among the most important research and teaching equipment of this laboratory, one can mention porometers, spectrophotometers, refractometers, germinators, chlorophyll meter, leaf surfacemeter, freezers, oven, and centrifuges.
Biotechnology, Plant Genetics and Cytogenetics Laboratory
The Laboratory for Biotechnology, Plant Genetics and Cytogenetics has been operating as a research and educational laboratory at the department of Agronomy and Plant Breeding since 2007.
This lab is mainly equipped to implement research projects and graduate theses on biotechnology. Cell and tissue culture, microorganism, extraction of secondary metabolites, organogenesis and embryogenesis studies are among the research programs of this laboratory.
The laboratory has been trying to create a bank dedicated to specific molecular markers, especially for wheat, which is the strategic product of the region. Evaluation of genetic diversity and the preparation of genetic maps can be done using molecular markers and cytogenetic methods in here. The laboratory's important equipment includes refrigeration centrifuges, PCRs, horizontal and vertical electro-folding machines, micro-centrifuges, educational research microscopes, vertex, and microwave freezers.
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