The establishment license for Agricultural Economics at UOK was issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology Research in 2006. Subsequently, the Agricultural Economics department was formed at the Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources and the first admission began in the same year with 35 students.
The student admission to the master's degree has started since October 2008
Completing their education and training, agricultural engineering graduates can take on responsibilities in various areas of food and raw materials’ production, distribution and consumption required in other sectors. Some of the significant issues of these responsibilities are as follows:
  • Preparing and compiling agricultural projects and their economic assessment
  • Justifying an agricultural plan economically or comparing several designs
  • Evaluating and studying large agricultural related projects such as dams, etc.
  • Preparation of cultivating or cropping patterns for small and large agricultural units from various economic dimensions
  • Evaluating agricultural production costs and incomes
  • Mathematical modeling to determine the technical coefficients of production factors, their efficiency, or the allocation of the sources of production
  • Marketing and distributing the agricultural products inside the country and overseas
  • Collaborating with Regional or National Agricultural Project Advisory Engineers in relation to their economic justification
  • Providing research projects in relation to various agricultural issues
  • Educating the scientific theories of Agricultural Economic
Faculty of Agriculture
Faculty of Agriculture
The faculty has 8 departments, offering 12 undergraduate degree programmes and 24 postgraduate degree programmes
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